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Pioneer Mixology

Did you know that Pioneers clarified their coffee with egg shells and eel skins? And, sometimes, the swim bladder of a fish?

Did you know that coffee substitutes could be made out of everything from acorns and sweet potatoes to peanuts and grape seeds?

Did you know that you can make fake lemonade with vinegar and eggy drinks with slightly curdled milk?

The early settlers were absolute masters of innovation and creativity when it came to beverages of all kinds. Pioneer Mixology: Switchel, Sack Posset, and Shrub is a fascinating trip through the history (and quirkiness!) of beverages available to those pioneers.

Chock full of recipes, period references, and the “how and why” of it all, this book will amuse history buffs, thrill foodies, and just plain fascinate those who wonder, like I do, why folks did the crazy things they did!