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Become a Founder's Circle Member

Founder’s Circle members provide critical support for our institution, and demonstrate a level of engagement with GCV&M that we cherish.

Unrestricted annual membership gifts such as these allow us to further our educational mission and strive for excellence in our preservation, programming and events, while allowing you to continue making memories with us in new and exciting ways. 

Please consider becoming a leader and friend to the Museum at one of our Founder’s Circle levels:

GCV&M Founder’s Circle Member Benefits

GCV&M Founder’s Circle Member Benefits

$750 Hosmer Society

$1,250 Hyde Society

$2,500 Brooks Society

$5,000 Hamilton Society

$10,000 Backus Society


To join Founder’s Circle, contact Cheryl Marshall, Director of Membership & Sponsorship, at (585) 294-8267.