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The John L. Wehle Gallery

Home to one of the finest collections of sporting and wildlife art in America

Established by the Museum’s founder John L. Wehle, the collection unites his passion for art with his interests in hunting, sports, wildlife, and conservation. Spanning the 17th to 20th centuries, the paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures document the changing taste and styles of sporting and wildlife art. The Gallery traces the history of equine, canine, racing, driving, angling, hunting, and shooting art as well as wildlife from diverse areas of the United States.

The collection was hailed by Wildlife Magazine as “one of the finest in the world.” Visitors of all ages enjoy and are inspired by this internationally recognized collection.

Discover four centuries of world-class art

Discover four centuries of world-class art

The gallery houses a stunning collection of Western views and sculptures created by artists such as Frederic Remington, Robert Henri, John Sloan, Eanger Irving Couse, Ernest Hennings, Ernest Blumenschein and other acclaimed artists who sought to create a truly American art.

Thanks to Jack Wehle’s connoisseurship, the gallery includes early castings of iconic works such as Broncho Buster and The Outlaw by Frederic RemingtonEnd of the Trail by James Earle Fraser and superb examples of Taos Art Colony works.

Adding to the richness of the gallery are changing interpretive exhibits on 19th-century American life. Our Lincoln Log room offers craft activities and 4,000 Lincoln Logs ready for ambitious builders anxious to enjoy one of America’s favorite buildings toys, first introduced in 1859.

In addition, the historic collection of wildlife and sporting art features works by such distinguished artists as John James Audubon, Frederic Remington, Carl Rungius, Maud Earl, Bob Kuhn and Bruno Liljefors.

The collection of notable paintings and sculptures traces profound social, artistic and ideological changes in the interaction between humans and animals. Shifting perspectives are dramatically portrayed among the works—animals as prey, as servants, as companions, and as subjects of curiosity and scientific inquiry.

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